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Michael Paul Harrold

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I was born on Friday, July 13th; it was a leap year, and the moon was full. The Pretenders graced the cover of The Rolling Stone, and When Doves Cry sat atop the Billboard Top 100.  Many have said I was born to be different.  I like to think I was born to change the world, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.


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Remember... “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” ― Sylvia Plath




Since graduating from the Florida State College at Jacksonville, I have gained invaluable experience from both the mechanical engineering and instructional design fields. My real passions have always been on the more personal and creative side of web development and social media. Through my career I have been able to combine these experience and passions as I have transitioned into the social media and marketing realms.

Director of Marketing and Social MediaOctober 2011 - PresentUNATION

UNATION is a start-up building the world’s first social event platform, and they operate in a very fast-paced and lean environment. I was fortunate to transition into a start-up; and I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the realms of marketing and social media. I’ve developed and maintained a comprehensive social media strategy that outlines marketing techniques, tactics to increase brand reach and drive traffic, as well as brand-2-consumer engagement. Before these strategies could be implemented, I lead a team tasked with developing social media standards, policies and rules of engagement. I have been responsible for outlining key performance indicators, and tracking various metrics on all social and marketing efforts to analyze effectiveness and ROI. As the head of marketing and social I have managed and overseen all content creation and delivery systems, and worked closely with the company to explore and identify new ways to integrate social media into our business strategies and marketing campaigns. This position requires that I continually process and dissect market research findings in an effort to understand emerging trends and technologies. I love this job, and as challenging as it can be – It has allowed me to find confidence in both my ever-growing passion for all things social, and the skill-set I have built that allows me to be successful with this passion.

Instructional DesignerJanuary 2008 - September 2011Technology Transfer Services

As an instructional designer I was able to build upon my technical experience as I began to better understand web-based design and instruction. I was responsible for designing and developing interactive instructional materials for web-based training courses. I worked closely with clients and Subject Matter Experts to outline course materials and end-user evaluation systems. I developed and structured content / multimedia in a manner that supported each project’s learning needs. I worked closely with clients, sales, quality assurance, and project managers to streamline the process of building and revising catalogs of web-based learning modules. I also built an internal employee website (using the WordPress CMS system) that kept each department up-to-date on company news, project statuses, and made all required forms / materials easily accessible for employees.

Mechanical Design EngineerMay 2005 - November 2007Phoenix Products

As a design engineer I learned to see past the big picture, and focus on the many facets of a project. I designed large-scale back-up generator packages that are still being used to supply emergency power to facilities worldwide. I worked hand-in-hand with customers and the sales team to ensure that all requirements and specifications were met within our proposed solution. I was responsible for creating proposal drawings for each project, as well as fabrication / CNC program scripts for our in-house fabrication team. Once schematics were approved I coordinated with the shop foreman, accounting department, and vendors to manage each project from approval through final delivery.


Florida College at Jacksonville2003 - 2005Associates of Arts in Liberal Studies

3.85 GPA

Riverhills Christian School1998 - 2002Highschool Diploma

3.7 GPA



Mac OSXGeneral Computer Knowledge

WindowsGeneral Computer Knowledge


WordPressCMS Development and Design

Adobe PhotoshopGraphic Design, Print Design

Adobe IllustratorIllustration, Design and Vector Drawing

Adobe Flash CatalystInteractive Specifications and Walkthroughs

Adobe InDesignPosters, Flyers, Print Media

Adobe FireworksVector Graphics, Rapid GUI Deisign

Adobe CaptivateScreen Capture and Broadcast, Instructional Design


Microsoft Office SuiteOutlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Autodesk AutoCADSchematics, 2D and 3D Illustration

Articulate StudioeLearning, Instructional Design









All AnimationGraphic DesignIllustrationPublished ArticlesSocial MediaWeb Design
Tampa Food Trucks Website

Tampa Food Trucks WebsiteGraphic Design, Web Design

UNATION Blog Home Page

UNATION Blog Home PageWeb Design

UNATION Blog #SoundersSoundOff Contest

UNATION Blog #SoundersSoundOff ContestPublished Articles, Web Design

UNATION Blog Social Media Article

UNATION Blog Social Media ArticlePublished Articles, Web Design

UNATION Blog Instagram Article

UNATION Blog Instagram ArticlePublished Articles, Web Design









Club Scream GIF

Club Scream GIFAnimation


UNATION Team GIFAnimation

Things I've Written...

These are a few of my favorite passages…

Achieving Greatness

We all feel that we are capable and worthy of becoming so much more than what we are.

It has been my most profound discovery in the field of irony, that we are only capable of such things when we are willing to bare our soul and be judged by each opportunity that we desire to follow. The irony is that our greatest fear is being seen for what we actually are.

To achieve greatness we must love what we pursue, and to love we must see and be seen – naked and without reprieve.

Society – a Product of the Individual

…Individuals suffer the brunt of society’s shortcomings; that is to say a society which struggles with peace and gravitates towards violence damages its own individuals with that tendency for violence. The Occupy movement is a perfect example of this; our current society embraces greed, and readily trades fairness and love for dollars and power. This has certainly changed society as a whole, but undeniably, it is the individual who suffers the brunt of this greed.  It is the individual who lost his job and home, it is the individual who works for less, it is the individual who suffers.

I make no excuses for the suffering of the individual; it is ignorant for any individual who acknowledges that he suffers from the shortcomings of society to publish this suffering as a call to justice – without also acknowledging that he himself is responsible for the creation and continuation of the society which causes his grief…(read full article here)

UNATION Shares The Story of KONY 2012

…The introduction of KONY 2012 in our lives has brought several topics to the forefront of conversations: child abuse, terrorism, war, peace, love, humanity, and the undeniable power that is created when human beings connect with one another. The internet has allowed this connection to be made in real time, and without borders.

I first caught wind of KONY 2012 in my Twitter feed, the tweet was from @YourAnonNews. I clicked the link, I saw the video, I shared, and then I sat back and watched. In the next 5 hours the @Invisible Twitter page added over 9,000 followers, and littered the Local and Worldwide trends. News and blog articles began to buzz, and the servers at kony2012.com crashed.

Jason (the director) has planned, and so far executed, the necessary steps to sending a topic viral with perfection. His message is well defined, heart-felt, and human – His plan is strategic, thought-out, and seems to be proving the overwhelming power of the internet and social media…(read full article here)

Artistik Magazine Testimonial (Ghostwritten)

When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something has suffered damage it gains a history and becomes more beautiful. I had been working the same retail job for years when I got the call that I was going to be a father. I was so excited, but I knew it was time to start filling the cracks in my life.

As I shared this news with my loved ones, many different conversations were spawned. Most people wanted to know what names we had chosen and when we were due, but my sister wanted to talk to me about school. I was hesitant, but I was also committed to filling the cracks in my life, so when she made me an appointment at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, I went…(read full article here)


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