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Michael P Harrold

Entrepreneur. Digital Creative. Startup Coach.

It's Nice to Meet You...

I was born on Friday, July 13th; the moon was full, and it was a leap year. The Pretenders graced the cover of The Rolling Stone, and When Doves Cry led the Billboard Top 100. These days I spend my time listening to bargain-bin records, and helping solopreneurs turn dreams into dollars by building online businesses.

Michael P Harrold

Freelancing as a Brand Builder, Launch Strategist & Startup Coach

My businesses are built around a true love of marketing, design and the digital space, but it has been quite the journey to get here…

I gained invaluable experience as a mechanical engineer and instructional designer in the corporate world, but quickly realized the work I was doing did not align with my truest passions and skills.

Determined to make a living doing what I loved, I walked away from my job and started a full-time Freelance business building web-things that make money. I have worked hands-on with entrepreneurs, startups and businesses of all sizes.

The Nutshell: I build brands, systems, marketing and automation that leverages your web presence to increase profits.


What I Love About My Clients

They say it's the #LittleThings that count, and I say they're right; the most rewarding times in my journey are the small, intimate moments I get to share with founders and owners. Being able to experience their vision and passion, and delivering products that help them to achieve their goals - that renews my own passion. Which is why I got into all of this in the first place...because I am passionate about building beautiful and effective web-things for people just like you.


Holla at ya boy...

Feel free to contact me and say hello. I would love to talk with you about a business or idea you are passionate about. I am available to discuss your project, new job opportunities, partnerships, strategic alliances, speaking and media inquiries.



  • (813) 507-7590

  • St. Petersburg, Florida



A free consultation is all it takes to open a new door...


My Freelance Portfolio...

The core of my business model has always been about building meaningful and lasting relationships with my clients, and I have worked with some truly great people. Together, we have created some really amazing things....

My Professional Journey

My career path has evolved and shifted continually since graduating from the Florida State College at Jacksonville. Through each transition my primary goal has been to move closer to the work I am called to, and to act on opportunities that challenged me to grow.

work experience


Owner – Hold Fast Media, LLC

2011 - now

Freelance through: Hold Fast Media



Hold Fast Media, LLC - Design, web and marketing services

Learn more about working with me as a Freelancer

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Director of Marketing and Social Media

Contract: 2011 - 2014

UNATION (startup)


  • Developed the brand’s online voice; and created/implemented marketing strategies with a focus on: extending reach, driving traffic and acquiring new users
  • Created and managed BETA user programs/systems concurrent with platform development cycles as a means to retain and convert early adopters into brand advocates
  • Managed a team of Content Creators and Community Managers, and oversaw all promotional, press related and marketing content for the company
  • Led weekly internal meetings to provide performance insight, leverage social power of the team and realign current initiatives with development changes
  • Worked alongside the executive team to explore and identify new ways to integrate social marketing into overall business strategies

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Marketing and Growth Consultant

Contract: 2014

Conscious Millionaire Institute


  • Branding / identity, web design and platform management
  • Orchestrate the planning, execution and management of online marketing strategies for book, podcast, list building and product / coaching offers
  • Develop, implement and optimize sales funnel, including but not limited to CRM, auto-respond sequences, landing pages, sales pages, opt-in offers and social media integration
  • Create and execute campaigns, including: A/B testing, email sequences, keyword, SEO, Facebook PPC and funnel entries
  • Manage a cross-functional team of outsourced employees for both training and efficiency
  • Work closely with CEO to prioritize workflow/marketing efforts to achieve revenue goals and platform growth

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Founder –

2014 - future


THIS IS MY NEWEST PROJECT - Guiding solopreneurs from dreams to dollars

Learn more about the mission and progress of


When I'm old and dying, I plan to look back on my life and say: "wow, that was an adventure," not "wow, I sure felt safe."

-Tom Preston - Werner, Github Co-founder

Social Media and Web Services